American Rescue Plan Act


Tranche 1

$18.5 Million

Recovery & Resiliency

Goal: Intended to facilitate recovery and promote resilience, equity and health by addressing the human, economic and environmental impacts of the pandemic.

Revenue Loss Replacement

Goal: Intended to fund municipal commitments including personnel, services and capital priorities.

Local Strategic Focus

Goal: The City’s goal is to achieve a collective understanding and assessment of the needs of the community, and determine the best ways to organize and strengthen assets post COVID recovery.




I. Revenue Loss


Revenue Loss

$5.8 Million

  • Road Resurfacing
  • Public Safety Personnel & Equipment 
  • Parks & Natural Resources 
  • Community Service & Public Facilities

II. Recovery & Resilience


Social, Economic and Hazard Pay Projects

$5.88 Million

  • Not-For-Profit & Educational Support
  • MWBE Capacity Building & Workforce Development
  • Existing & Start-Up Business Grants
  • Hazard Pay (Retail/Commercial/Non-Profit Essential Employees*)
  • Program Administration

* Must be a registered 501(c)3

Green Infrastructure

$4.9 Million

  • Green Infrastructure Network
    • Phase I: New Rochelle Train Station, North Avenue/Memorial (East-West) Connection, Permeable Bike Lane @theLINC
    • Phase II: West End Connection, Open Space @Echo Avenue, New Rochelle Bike Connection
    • Phase III: City-wide Traffic Islands, City Park Traffic Islands, Sustainability & Education
  • Hudson Park Master Plan Phase 1 (Design)
  • Flowers Park Building Renovation
  • Shared Streets – Westchester Place
  • Stephenson Park Improvements

Municipal Infrastructure

$0.5 Million

  • City Hall Bathroom Renovations
  • Fire Station No. 2 HVAC Systems
  • Plexi-Glass Shields at City Hall Counters

Hazard Pay

(Municipal Essential Employees)

$1.0 Million

  • One-time supplement payments for municipal workers performing essential work during the COVID-19 public health emergency

ARPA Compliance

$0.3 Million

  • Consulting assistance to ensure regulatory compliance and efficient administration of Federal funds

Funding must be tied to specific use and fall under public health, negative economic impacts, premium pay, revenue replacement, water, sewer, broadband and administrative costs. Funding from the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds is subject to the requirements specified in the Final Rule by Treasury which takes effect April 1, 2022. Any funds not obligated or expended for eligible uses by the timeline above must be returned to Treasury 2 C.F.R 200.344 (d).